Our intention is to work towards community oriented natural building and there are some values we like to explore every time we indulge into this process of building. We love exploring traditional cultures and vernacular buildings. They hold stories about our communities, families, their beliefs, play, dance, fall, rise and revival   and  also about nature, surroundings, climate, space and elements which binds them all together. As a practice traditional buildings have undergone a trial and error process, working hand in hand with nature for generations. The results produced traditionally have many hidden principles and they need to be revived in some form. We like to do this with few contemporary additions.

Travelling is part of our growth as designers, we document analyze and learn from different cultures and try and integrate them in our design sense.

Nature  the oldest and the wisest is pure and pristine and it calls for respect while used in a building. Using natural materials from the local context is one of the best ways to come to terms with sustainable buildings.

Natural materials , which have not undergone major transition from its original state can be easily used in building. They do not cause any form of natural harm during construction either to man or the environment infact they help us heal. The beauty of natural materials is it can be played and be reused innumerable number of times. Making the building immortal.

Climate governs the nature of the materials. Climate can be classified into two levels, micro and macro level. Macro level climate is the general climate of a region and microclimate is site-specific climatic conditions. Both these need to be considered and analyzed while designing a building. Analyzing and designing appropriately according to the local climate can help create a comfort zone in the form of the dwelling. This method of designing is called as bio climatic design.

It is of great significance that one participates in understanding, designing and building ones home. This process will give them a better understanding of the spaces, the feel and texture of the materials ,how to deal with improvements  all by themselves. Moreover it helps in building what is just needed for the dwellers and nothing more.

Community oriented is a participatory approach, it is one of the most fun and interactive method of   building home.  Building with neighbor’s, friends and family,  inviting them to play, dances , sing transforms a physical building into a dwelling because it involves gifting their energies. So we create the spirit of home with hands of community:)

Element games is a medium  to connect natural building and community building. These are set of meditative games which helps understanding all the elements of natural building process inspired by the shamans in Brazil. The idea is to open and spend some quality time , concentrating  a specific sense towards each element. While we are connecting with elements as a group of people we also connect with ourselves and with our community.

As each participant breathes, the building  absorbs it and in return  transforms itself from mere natural walls to a respiring natural home.


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