Urban Ashram

Location : Pune , India,  http://www.theurbanashram.org/

Post our two weekend adventurous workshops in pune, we continued building the zen garden and the open air kitchen.  A cob oven for baking pizzas and bread lined with an open wood  fired stove  and a small seating next to it. We then used a local bamboo artisan to make a light weight roof with weaved bamboo mats.

The zen garden was a small project where we built the sculpted wall and added few earth-bag seatings. The garden already had black, white and grey pebbles spread all over it. We had to create a nice seating space facing the wonderful black stone idol of the elephant god and the lotus flower. We wanted to blend the partition wall made of cob to blend with the green around and the concrete massive house. We used broken china tiles mosaic to merge with the concrete and marble house while curves interacted with the trees and plants around. The texture of the wall is earthy with a number of colourful bottles inserted inside. The external plaster is made with a mixture of lime and further layers of whey , clay and sand. Old tyres were filled with waste concrete mixed with oxide to give a pink aesthetic pathway in the stoney garden.

Thank you so much for the space, care and love which motivated us to create in the flow ❤



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