Waru and Terra Una

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Location: Sao Paulo & Minas Gerais Brazil

Two amazing communities in south Brazil. Waru is a small family living in the outskirts of Sao paulo and trying to lead an alternative life using organic methodologies while Terra una ( one earth) is an eco village in the state of Minas gerais .We were involved in making small enhancement to each of these spaces.

Waru the main shelter was already built by Renato ( owner ) along with the help of family and friends. Our role was to make protective and aesthetic layers of plaster covering the building. We used multiple mixtures of natural plaster to achieve this. We even played a game to envision the future of Waru, it involved number of activities which would in a certain way guide the family and close friends to realize their dreams for their community. Through this game we concluded on constructing a slip-straw warehouse adjacent to the house.  Experimenting with different style of slip-straw and inserting colourful bottles took us one step closer to the understanding of working with straw.

Terra una is a densely green eco village where a number of families live together. Their need was to have a play area for kids. We used all the natural and artificial waste around to fulfil this dream of theirs.Old logs of wood, tyres, ropes, mud were our main mediums.

Working in communities is sheer joy because of their participation and circulation of activities. It is a deep learning through observation and participation in a community way of living. Thank you for all who joined us in this path, especially our friend Areen Attari from PYHT ( http://pyht.org/ ).



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