Location : Bayramic, Turkey

After the yenikoy natural building workshop a handful of volunteers along with Matthieu , Ece and us continued to complete the existing stone shelter for animals  into a living space for a couple.

The main designing and building activity was for the north side as the other stonewalls were already erected. The external walls are made of 50 cm thick straw bales( thermal insulant)  , this was because the region has strong winter and high amount of wind from the north and north east. The internal wall between the bedroom and the living room is made of part cob and part adobe ( reused old adobe from the village). Additionally we made an earthbag seating against this wall . Later a rocket stove was built ( built by Matthieu and ece ) adjacent to the seating  which heated the living , earth bag seating and the bedroom. Here the adobe wall acts as a thermal mass and helps in transferring the heat from the stove.  The bathroom has 2-3 different styles of construction namely Slip straw ( facing external), wattle and daub and reels of earth this was done for the participants to experience variety. A special mixture of  lime plaster was used to protect the bathroom walls.

Inserting tinted glasses into the sculpture, extending walls, rendering with different mediums of plaster and painting were the few activities.  We made natural paints and plaster or many different colours thanks to the ever colourful surrounding of yenikoy.


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