Intuitive Natural Building Workshop in Pune,India

pune poster final-01pune poster final-02pune poster final-03pune poster final-04pune poster final-05pune poster final-06pune poster final-07pune poster final-08Hosted by Prithwe Facilitated by Obaruhu

Aim: Introducing ecological and intuitive design to people aiming to build an efficient, nature friendly and humane living environments.

The 8 day workshop is to emancipate the dynamic and creative energy within you. It is to experiment, to empower and to explore the primary elements in and around us. During the workshop cooperative games, dances as well as games and rituals around the elements will help us to remember the strong connection within us and the materials.

The workshop will be based on practical demonstrations where you will be able to touch, feel and use different materials such as straw, mud, water and apply it to different techniques on useful project.

We will start building an open kitchen with a woodfired oven and a seating space.

Any one who is enthusiastic about immersive intense hands on work with mud and wanting to experiment with community living.

Prithwe earthing centre

“Prithwe” Earthing Centre (PEC) is a facility away from city which provides you an opportunity to stay connected with mother earth, you can visit the center either to eat earth food or stay in earth cottages, or just walk in to have earth tea. Whatever may be the reason; your visit would definitely give you the earthing benefits.

Prithwe S.No 34, Behind Ashramshala,
Casurina Farms, Village Kurunji, Taluka Bhor-Pune 412206.

For queries regarding Stay ,Accessibility and registration
+91 98231 54843 / +91 98230 22944

For queries regarding Workshop content (schedule and topics)
+91 7738258203

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