B O H E M I A N P I L G R I M S / 2019

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Bohemian Pilgrims: Introduction to Intuitive Natural building

Obaruhu represents the spirit of nomads and has realised the importance of collective learning from nature and masters. INB journey is first of its kind is a reflection of what Obaruhu believes in.To give you a brief idea about Intuitive Natural Building (INB), the process has been inspired from our journeys in Brazil and Turkey and we incorporate sensory based element games, hands on natural building, community living and holding a conducive space for sharing and exchanging our skill sets to contribute to the idea of collective learning.

Continuing with our core value of being a nomadic community we now have made it a practice to travel to masters from different fields who work on art, spirituality and sustainability to gain first hand knowledge from the source itself.

This journey is a part of the process that Obaruhu has been evolving over the years and is an extended program for intuitive natural building.

Stages of the Journey


Stage I: IStanbul
29th August:
Natural Builders Unconference
31st-1st September :
Introduction to Vaastu Shaastra: The traditional science of Indian Architecture and Design Lectures and excursions to sacred spaces
Facilitators: Chandana Reddy & Merve Tekin

Stage II: Gokceada Island (Imbroz)
5th-12th September
Introduction to Intuitive Natural Building
Hands on workshop on Hyperadobe, Cob, Carpentary,
Tadelakt Lime plaster and Element games
Facilitators: Merve Tekin, Mukund Iyer, Manu Narendran, Mathieu & Ece

Stage III: Cappadokia
13th-18th September
Art of unconditioning : Art,Treks, open space for skill share,circles and personal retrospection
Facilitator: Mukund Iyer
18-19: Konya
Whirling Sema Ritual
Facilitator: Alper Akcay


*Workshops will be in both languages; Türkish and English

* We invite you to pay the workshop fee and a little more if you would like to support a few scholarships.

* Scholarships: If the price is not affordable to you, let us know.

* If Participants are choosing to be responsible about their own travel to and from the workshop venue. We will provide directions for the venue after you register for the course.

* Please contact us at obaruhu@gmail.com or +90 539 883 61 00 with queries about registration.

* For registration form and more information : http://tiny.cc/z92i7y

Registration is not confirmed until payment is received.
For payment: Merve Tekin Sezgin – İş Bankası IBAN: TR710006400000134201709803

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