Wisdoms and methods which inspires and guides us while designing.


It is one of the oldest design systems in the world. The great cities of Ayodhya, MohenjoDaro, and Lanka were designed on its principles. The 64 texts mentioned in the Puranas are in Sanskrit while there are scores of texts in the various languages of the Indian sub continent. They speak of : site selection; understanding wind rain and thermal patterns; ratios and proportions; functionality and aesthetics; inner delight of the designer and the user; harmonizing with unseen energies; cosmology and beneficial measures.

Dear Shashikala Ananth is our Guru on this deep journey.


Climate is the pattern of variation in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, precipitation, atmospheric particle count in a given region over long periods. 

Bioclimatic design aims to determine the best location, materials and construction technique for the building by intuitively and physically observing the existing natural elements such as soil, water, sun and wind. Thus, a strong, aesthetic and useful design can be created and built in harmony with the great existence.

Topluluk Tarafından Doğrulandı simgesi


Inspired by old knowledge, we developed a method we call “design retreat”. We organize a camp where customers and designers come together on the land where the building is needed, where we can observe and listen to each other and the nature around us. In this process, we create deep listening and deep sharing space with holistic methods such as the way of council, nonviolent communication, yoga, meditation and Vaastu Shastra rituals to understand and discover the needs of the residents and the possibilities of the land. In this process, we aim to establish a healthy connection between the existing nature, the building to be built and its future residents.


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