Obaruhu is composed of two words Oba + Ruhu

” Oba ” in tengri means tents / temporary shelter of a nomadic community living, travelling and sharing their life together and “Ruhu” means the spirit.

Obaruhu represents the spirit of the ever lively nomad tribe that keeps moving from one place to another  in order to maintain the balance in nature outside and inside oneself.

Our intention is to work towards community oriented natural building and there are some values we like to explore every time we indulge into this process of building.

Travelling is part of our growth as designers, we document analyze and learn from different cultures and try and integrate them in our design sense.

We love exploring traditional cultures and vernacular buildings. They hold stories about our communities, families, their beliefs, play, dance, fall, rise and revival   and  also about nature, surroundings, climate, space and elements which binds them all together. As a practice traditional buildings have undergone a trial and error process, working hand in hand with nature for generations. The results produced traditionally have many hidden principles and they need to be revived in some form. We like to do this with few contemporary additions.


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