About us


Obaruhu is composed of two words Oba + Ruhu

” Oba ” in tengri means tents / temporary shelter of a nomadic community living, travelling and sharing their life together and “Ruhu” means the spirit.

Obaruhu represents the spirit of the ever lively nomad tribe that keeps moving from one place to another  in order to maintain the balance in nature outside and inside oneself.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” – Heraclitus


Merve Tekin

I don’t know how to explain who I am:) Yet I can tell you about what I am doing usually in my life… So I think the energy of love keeps me excited in life. I am trying to do things which I love! I am bio architect and home maker. I keep playing with natural buildings, communities, handicrafts, sculpting, happiness and beauty around of me.  I am travelling, questioning and seeking out for the ancient knowledge of elements (fire, earth, water, air, space) . I feel blessed for the gift to be able to experience different ways of creating, loving and praying. We are all blessed by beauty of nature, I wish to enjoy this together each moment…


Mukund Iyer

A self proclaimed social artist and bio architect love travelling and mingling with different cultures. Learning, sharing and gathering knowledge from everywhere is sheer joy for me and i love to translate these energies into my art and architecture. I am living my dream, going to random places around the world, gathering people dancing and celebrating. Hindu mythology has played a deep role in my growth and i hold it very close to me. Gift culture has been deep call and i am trying to practice it as a way of living. Almost living a nomads life , heart feels so 🙂

We both love playing with the building and the community , we integrate both our skills of sculpting and sketching into practice on the buildings, adding our special love.


3 thoughts on “About us

    1. güzel kalbinle gördüğün ‘merve’ ye layık olmaya çalışacağım 🙂 çok teşekkürler Metincim 🙂

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