Soch + Alaya, soch means thought, alaya means house….so house of thoughts or thinkers . Also sochalaya stands for toilet, another place where ideas are born 🙂

All artwork are open for sale, click here for contact

Sochalaya represents a space where my personal energy and of the environment is translated into art. When i start sketching i always start with a circle ,a circle which symbolizes completeness and stability . There onwards I let the energy flow through me as it wishes, a stroke of freedom which comes out in the form of black and white lines. Some times a touch of color, sometimes the touch of words and sometimes ….

This is a stage of life where my awareness is taking me on a spiritual path and the connection between this spiritual and the the real world are my sketches. Expression is all about freedom, i want to achieve inner peace through sketching and my sub conscious mind is my tool.
Creating lines which question the society, sometimes asking questions about existence and life, but mostly expressing the freedom and love that my inner child wants to receive and give back to this universe. 
I believe my sketches help in grounding people into the moment and rekindling their inner child.

All artwork are open for sale, click here for contact


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